About Us

Seeing a distinct need for a fun, challenging way to stay healthy and get fit, Red Frog Events (an event company based in Chicago, IL) unleashed Warrior Dash in 2009 and has been a forerunner of the event production industry ever since. The first Warrior Dash was held in Joliet, IL and we’ve come a long way in the past four years! Over a million Warriors have stormed The Battleground and raised $7.5 million and counting for St. Jude Children’s Hospital. More than 150 Warrior Dashes have taken place on the most rugged terrain across six countries and four continents. We’re no scientists, but that’s a ton of mud, sweat and beer.


Our quirky office, aptly named Camp Red Frog, is located in the heart of the River North neighborhood of Chicago. Come in for a game of foosball, a ride on the zipline, or for a visit to our iconic Treehouse while having a cold beer!

Our Events

Great Urban Race is a fast-paced puzzle where your city holds the pieces. Teams solve clues, tackle challenges and race for cash prizes in this all-out test of smarts and speed. Think you know your city? Prove it.
Firefly Music Festival is a premier music experience set among lush wooded landscapes, featuring renowned headliners and emerging artists. Witness unforgettable performances and discover the engaging attractions nestled around every turn that make Firefly a can't-miss summer tradition for music fans from around the world.
American Beer Classic is the ultimate opportunity to celebrate and experience America’s finest beers. Sample and learn from a diverse lineup of breweries while connecting with other beer enthusiasts.

Work With Us

At Red Frog Events, the event production company behind Warrior Dash, we surround ourselves with kind, humble and good-natured people. It’s that simple. We believe that when a group of hard-working, like-minded people focuses its efforts on a project, the result is remarkable work, extraordinary events and lasting friendships.

Internships are offered year-round and last three to five months, depending on the season. This is not your “pick up bagels and coffee” type of internship. “Tadpoles” (our term for individuals completing the internship) are immediately thrown into large-scale projects and given tremendous responsibility. We believe in empowering people to make smart decisions and are dedicated to reinventing the workplace. We hire talented, capable people who are willing to jump in and try things in new, innovative ways.

To learn more about our company, who we are, what we do and how we do it visit www.RedFrogEvents.com.

Get a foot in the door by submitting your resume and cover letter online HERE and follow us on Facebook and Twitter @RedFrogEvents and @WorkatRedFrog.