The best clothing to wear when working out and running is something that you feel comfortable in.

Some tips for our fashion-conscious Warriors:

You want synthetic or natural fabrics, not cotton. Cotton retains moisture. Moisture causes friction. Friction causes blisters, and blisters are no fun. (All you men out there: ever worn a cotton t-shirt and run a long distance? Yeah, that’s painful.)

You don’t want baggy sweats, hand-knitted leg warmers, or heavy hoodies weighing you down. Lightweight, stretchy, quick-drying fabrics allow your body to breathe, wick away sweat, and make you more aerodynamic. (Read: harder, better, faster, stronger.)

  • Compression materials, like what you find in a sports store, help stimulate blood flow and circulation.
  • Moisture-wicking fabrics carry perspiration away from the skin and body to the outside of the fabric so you aren’t weighed down with sweat.


Check out our gear at localhost/warrior_dash and equip yourself with some of our top-of-the-line dry fit products! You’ll feel better and look pretty legit too.

Remember, you want to be comfortable, limber, and ready for the long haul.

But also remember that this is Warrior Dash. Our 5k race is designed to let you unleash your inner warrior, and what better way to do that than in your race attire?

Year after year, race after race, our Warriors come up with crazy, creative, and sometimes downright weird costumes to highlight their personalities and goals for the race. We encourage you to let your true Warrior be on display during your race, just remember that your costume, however crazy, needs to support you during your run. Don’t let your amazing costume idea get in the way of your victory!


Word from a Wise Warrior: Test your running outfits prior to a big run to be sure you’re as comfortable as possible on Race Day.

Keep it fresh, Warriors.
Your Warrior Dash Crew