Creating a goal from scratch can be a fun but challenging process. So many Warriors see the Warrior Dash mud run as a personal goal or as a stepping stone to an even bigger dream. Here are a few tips from some 5k obstacle race runners who know a little something about making and achieving goals:

Dream big, but within reason.
Deciding to run a marathon that’s one month out without any prior training probably isn’t the best idea. Not only is it a difficult goal to reach, but you could also do some real harm to your body. Instead, try:

  • Taking small steps to get to your big goal. We recommend a two-month training period prior to a Warrior Dash.
  • Setting realistic goals for your personality type. Don’t set a goal of running 2 miles on day 1 of your training if you’re a sedentary person (also known as a couch potato) by nature and by history. You will fail and only discourage yourself before you even get into training.
  • Being honest with yourself. If you aren’t already an active person, don’t go Uncle Rico and bet yourself you “can throw a football over them mountains.” You probably can’t. (But good for you if you can!)


Find someone who has reached your goal before.
If you’re looking to prepare for a Warrior Dash, the best person to ask about the mud run is an experienced Warrior. Veteran 5k finishers will be able to tell you through personal experience what to expect and even what they wished they had done differently. This will help you set goals for you based on their experience and suggestions.

Listening to a Warrior with obstacle race experience will also help you filter through the thousands of exercises available in order to tailor your workout for the mud run.

Create a goal with a friend.
Having someone close to you who is going through your same regimen is going to help you follow it more closely. You can check in with each other daily to make sure that you’re both taking all of the right steps. If you aren’t competitive naturally, having a friend to help motivate you in an encouraging way will help you reach your goals. If you are competitive, you don’t need anyone else to keep you going on your toughest days – you’ll motivate yourself.

We’ve seen Warriors overcome some major life events at Warrior Dash. From Angel at Warrior Dash in Texas, who completed the course in a wheelchair, to Pete in Georgia, who, despite his blindness, conquered the battleground. No matter the goal, you can accomplish anything. And we want to help!

See you on the battleground, Warriors.
Your Warrior Dash Crew