Blog post: Pre Mud Run Training Tips from Warrior Dash

Every Warrior Dash 5k mud run challenges Warriors to push themselves to their limit. Each obstacle utilizes a different muscle group, making Warrior Dash an ultimate workout. Preparing for such an event can seem like an obstacle in itself, but we have workouts that can turn regular couch potatoes into elite Warriors.

The Warrior Dash website has many upper body videos to help train Warriors for their adventure run. Find more detail on upper body workouts for Warrior Dash in the list below:


Your upper body is an important part of any Warrior Dash fun run. Obstacles requiring you to climb over walls or pull yourself through thick mud under barbed wire can be difficult if you don’t have the strength to match your running endurance. Make sure that you’re training properly by covering all of your core muscle groups – your triceps, biceps, chest, shoulders, and back.

Building muscle during training while increasing your strength should be the ultimate goal in your weight lifting program. Body weight exercises such as the chair dip can also be legitimate ways to make sure you’re prepared like a true Warrior. The Warrior Dash website includes other mud run training videos for your core and legs, as well as full body workouts.

Another important part of the Warrior Dash is your ability to run for long stretches at a time. Endurance for a 5k run can be quite a challenge for non-experienced runners, so we recommend you start training two months prior to your mud run date.

  • Develop a running schedule that slowly builds your distance to 3 miles at a time before you start worrying about your how long it takes you do complete the distance.
  • In addition, complete the majority of your runs outside instead of inside a gym or your home. Running indoors on a treadmill isn’t going to give you the same experience that trail running can, and once you hit the dirt…err…mud-path of a Warrior Dash, your legs are really going to feel it.


Come prepared and ready to race. Nothing makes a Warrior’s experience on the battleground better than being completely prepared and ready to go.

Drop down and give us ten,

Your Warrior Dash Crew