Warrior Dash is all about helping people achieve their personal goals and making sure they get enough mud, sweat, and beer along the way. Whether your goals involve dieting, exercise, or personal records, here are some ways to make sure you make it to the light at the end of the 5k race tunnel:

  • Get an accountability partner. Friends, relatives, spouses, online forum members, etc., can all help you reach your goals. Tell them what you want to accomplish and they’ll be able to back you up when you’re feeling weak. Plus, you’ll feel bad grabbing that donut when you have to explain yourself later.
  • Write your goals down. Whether it’s written on a sticky note on your desk or a note taped to your dashboard, you’re more likely to remember your goals if you see them often. The fridge doesn’t look as tempting with your diet plan stuck to the door.
  • Create deadlines. Deadlines will make your goals more attainable and real. For instance, a New Year’s resolution to “run more” isn’t going to be as productive as a resolution like “run a half-marathon in June with a time less than two hours.” The more specific you are, the better your result.
  • There are no excuses. Life is busy, but that’s no excuse. The mental and physical commitment to the mud run requires that you continue on, no matter how hard. Prep for each day as if it were a new race and take each obstacle just like you will on the course. Don’t miss a workout, even if you have to shorten the work you do.
  • Be at peace with a bad day. Understand that every Warrior has bad days. There are things in life that simply won’t allow you to do your best every time. As stated above, there are no excuses for missing a workout, but it’s ok to have a less-than-stellar time of it. The point is that you’re continuing to work and move and prepare mentally and physically. On the battlefield, quitting is the only failure. Accept your bad days – at least you didn’t quit.


For some, the Warrior Dash obstacle race is the end of a line of goals. For others, the mud run is an early stage in the training process. No matter where Warrior Dash falls on your spectrum, find someone to share it with, write down what you’re planning on achieving, set deadlines to mark your progress, determine there are no excuses, and be at peace with small setbacks along the way. Press on, Warriors.

You’re gonna go far, kid,
Your Warrior Dash Crew