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As the largest obstacle race series in the world with the most rugged terrain, Warrior Dash presents a running experience unlike any other 5k road race.  To take the guesswork out of your training, Warrior Dash has partnered with PEAR Sports to offer you the Warrior Dash Training App.

If you feel the need to train, the Warrior Dash App is designed for all ranges of athletic ability. Whether it’s your first 5k or you’re going for a personal record, the app will prepare you for what’s ahead on the battleground.

Download the free Warrior Dash app, powered by PEAR, in the App Store or at Google Play and train like a warrior!

Take Your training to the next level

Get the full PEAR Mobile Training System to take your training up a notch.  The PEAR heart rate monitor and headphones work with your Warrior Dash Training app to provide real-time personal coaching, calibrated to your fitness level.

*Compatible with iPhone 4s and up, and Android devices running OS 4.3 and up with Bluetooth 4.0

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Meet the coach

Designed exclusively for Warrior Dash by PEAR coach, Nancy Halterman, these workouts and race day simulations will guide you step-by-step through a wide variety of engaging workouts. Nancy will help you build total body fitness in a time-efficient manner to get Warrior-ready for race day.

Nancy provides clear instructions, helpful tips, encouragement, and some smash talking to get your butt in gear!

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